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Your fellow dancers and dance organizations listed here help assure the continued existence of the Dance Gypsy through their voluntary donations. We could not exist without their support. Next time you see one of them, be sure to say

“Thank you for helping me know when and where the dances are!”

And while you’re at it, you can make your own donation to the Dance Gypsy. Do it today!

Sponsors: The dance-oriented organizations shown below are sponsors for Dance Gypsy’s activities (for individual donors see below). You can help by supporting them. (Note that clicking the image — here or anywhere they appear in the Dance Gypsy pages — will open the home page of that supporter.) Your organization can help sponsor the Dance Gypsy’s activities too —find out how now.

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Supporters: Individual donations form the backbone of the Dance Gypsy support structure. The following individuals and groups have generously helped the Dance Gypsy and receive the coveted “silver dot” Dance Gypsy supporter (listings show duration of their support).

plus the members of these organizations

Thanks again to all the Dance Gypsy Sponsors and Supporters