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Aaa1 none v3

(picture of Aaa1 none v3)

Appears as: instructor

Plays for Celtic English Vintage Dance

Homebase is in (or near) Orange Parks, FL

A member of: Foobar

For more information: (Email): de('thedancegypsy', 'com', 'thedancegypsy');


The music of Aaa1 none v3 :

CDs: ddd


16 Fransk Vals

Asada Belly Dance

(picture of Asada Belly Dance)

Appears as: instructor (Finger Cymbals)

Plays for International Otherstyle Folk Dance

Homebase is in (or near) Kissimmee, FL

Notes: Asada Belly Dance is an entertainer & instructor. She teaches belly dancing classes in Kissimmee, performs at Kissimmee weddings, birthdays & more. Asada is also a Choreographer for all ages. she has been belly dancing since 2004. From folkloric to her take on the modern style, she will teach you privately or in a group. Her goal is to educate her students and clients about the beautiful art of Middle Eastern Dance; aka Belly Dance.

For more information: (407) 451-6043; (Email): de('asadadance', 'com', 'mail');


Louis Dow

Appears as: leader

Plays for Contra Dance

Homebase is in (or near) Miami, FL

Charlie Dyer

(picture of Charlie Dyer)

Appears as: leader

Plays for English Country and Contra Dance

Homebase is in (or near) Jacksonville, FL

For more information: (Email): de('chdyer', 'edu', 'aya.yale');


Veronica Lane

(picture of Veronica Lane)

Appears as: caller, leader, instructor and musician (flute, hammered dulcimer, EWI, whistle, bass, vocals)

Plays for Contra English Israeli Waltz Folk Dance

Homebase is in (or near) Orange Park, FL

Notes: Veronica serves as a performer and musical director of Full Circle Music, a band that plays for contra and English country dances throughout Florida. She also teaches English country dance and Israeli dance weekly at her home studio and at special events. She organizes multi-dance weekends throughout the year at her home.

A member of: Full Circle Music

For more information: (904) 800-8863; (Email): de('veronica', 'net', 'fullcirclemusic');


The music of Veronica Lane :



Some Recent appearances:

Saturday, November 5, 2011 Cocoa Beach, FL — Cocoa Beach Contra Dance (as member of Full Circle Band)

Friday, January 3, 2014 Orange Park, FL — Orange Park English Country Dance (unconfirmed)

Friday, January 10, 2014 Orange Park, FL — Orange Park English Country Dance (unconfirmed)

Friday, February 14, 2014 Orange Park, FL — Roses and Romance English Country Dance Weekend (as leader)

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