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Roaring Jelly

Plays for Contra and Square Dance

Homebase is in (or near) West Newton, MA

Notes: 8pm 3rd Friday Contra and Square Dance (September - June usually at the First Parish Unitarian, 7 Harrington Rd, Lexington) with large contra dance band founded in 1970. $7 adults, $5 teens, kids free; maximum for families $20. 7:45 pm instruction. Cider and snacks at break. Ice Cream in June. We’re available for parties and other dances too.

Members include: Bob Alessio (Fiddle), Jonathan Finger (Saxophone, Recorder, Mandolin), Karen Blaine (Fiddle), Marilyn Briggs (Guitar), Terrence Cassidy (Fiddle), Barbara Frishkopf (Fiddle), Deborah Gerstein (Piano), Karl Goedecke (Flute, Whistle), Joel J Gonzales (Guitar), Clifford Gordon (Accordion), Linda Gordon (Drum), Joe Griffin (Guitar), Len Katz (Banjo-uke), Esther Keaney (Baroque Flute, Recorder, Whistle), Paul Milde (Fiddle), Joan Motowylak (Fiddle), Philip Pitha (Accordion), Bruce Randall (Trombone, Whistles, Coconuts), Andrew Riffin (Bass), Al Sahin (Cello), Bob Solosko (Banjo, Whistles, Flute), Stuart R Soloway (Fiddle), Elizabeth Titus (Whistle, Flute), Greg Wade (Fiddle), Linda Wade (Whistle, Recorder), Judith Wong (Fiddle), Susan Elberger (Caller), Lois Somers (Fiddle), Carol Kycia (Clarinet, Fiddle), John Chambers (Accordion), Aram Hollman (Fiddle), Paul Lizotte (Fiddle), Leslie Fuller (Fiddle), Michael Pavan (Fiddle, Mandolin)

For more information: (781) 235-0713; (Email): de('roaringjelly', 'net', 'comcast');


The music of Roaring Jelly :

CDs: Roaring Jelly - Dynamite Music Since 1970



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