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You may search using any combination of performer name, type, instrument, location and/or dance styles.

General guidelines:

You need not specify any specific category — except performer type (person or band). However, you must provide at least one additional restriction. Otherwise you are could get a list of thousands of performers.

Any category you specify will restrict the search to persons or bands satisfying that part of the request. For example, if you specify states or regions, you will find performers only in the states, provinces, or towns you specify.

If you are a supporter, your preferences can be remembered for future searches.

For text specifications, you may specify as many words as you wish, but only those performers satisfying all words in your list will be found.

You may specify partial names, in which case the requested words are assumed to be the leading letters of the names or words you are seeking.

Thus, for example, all of the following will find Mary Cay Brass

but it may not find all misspelled names or near misses, thus

Likewise over-specified names will not work. Avoid middle names unless the performer normally uses 3 names.

In general you will do better to under-specify rather than over-specify. For example, even a popular specification like:

is sufficient to narrow the search to a single person.

The Dance Gypsy currently lists over 6100 bands, musicians, callers, instructors and leaders throughout the United States and Canada, and even other countries (but it’s still heavy on the US, and especially New England). Available data includes descriptions, locations, contact information and even dance gigs. You may now search performers who meet your own individual needs: by name, distance from you, state they live in, style of dances they play for, instruments they play, etc. The finder will even remember your choices(for supporters).

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Names and instruments

The “name” field can be used to find a specific person or band by name

You may look for bands and people in a single search. This means a search for "John Jones will find both him and the "Jonh Jones Trio"

It can also be used to find people with similar names. Thus “Smith” will find several musicians who share that name.

In general, you will do best to skip punctuation and special accent marks (just search without them).

You must select a performer type (this is the only required input).

Searching by instrument for bands will find bands in which some member plays that instrument

for faster results )

Find :

Optionally, you may specify (part or all of) the performer’s name:

You may (optionally) also specify an instrument:

Specifying Styles

If you select the "show styles" option, only dances of the type(s) you select will be found.

Select as many styles as you like.

If you do not specify dance styles, dances of all styles will be found

Specifying Location

New Features

The location selecting tools have improved. The recently added "use current location" feature gives new capabilities to location selectors.

Text entry: You may now use almost any description that uniquely identifies a location: city, town, neighborhood, airport (have a layover in Los Angeles? Find local performer near LAX!... find performers near Back Bay in Boston or Pacific Beach in California...give a zip code..use your own home address...look in foreign countries ... it will even try correct spelling and make a good guess ('Las Vegas' finds the one in Nevada, Not the one in New Mexico)

Geo-location: The Dance Gypsy can figure out your current location, and you c an use that as the base point for your searches. This is very accurate if you have a mobile device, but it also works for most (certainly not all) fixed location computers. Just give your browser permission when it asks. To press the try again button.

Distance-order: By default, results are displayed alphabetically by city. Alternatively, you may choose to display the results by distance (from either your actual location, or any address you specify). You may choose this optiuon even if you do not want to limit the maximum distance.

Privacy notes: The Dance Gypsy does not use or store your location. Automatic determination of location is always "by permission". The browser will ask you for permission to check your location. Most browsers have options to allow a single check or permanent permission for this page. See "help" pages for more information.

Selecting States

If you select this option the search will be restricted to the target states, you specify: only performers from those states will be found. — You can use this even if you also specified a distance from your home.